Jul 09,2019

Yonghong will attend The Aluminum China 2019
Time: Jul 10th to 12th  2019
Shanghai International Exhibition Center.
Booth No: 2L08

Will Aluminium Market Replay Cobalt City?
Apr 13,2018

Lun Aluminium sets the biggest consecutive increase in 30 years

Mar 24,2019

Hanlv is attending the STOC EXPO EUROPE  26-28 March, 2019.Ahoy Rotterdam.


The United States will extend the exemption period for steel and aluminum tariffs on the European Union and other countries.
May 03,2018

The United States will extend the time limit for steel and aluminum tariff exemption for the EU, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, Brazil and other economies, and will continue to strive for time for the related negotiations.

The United States government's steel and aluminum tariffs do not accept the White House.
May 05,2018

The decision of the US government to impose high tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum products has been repeated since the beginning of March, from "coming into force in March 23rd" to "the extension of some economies to May 1st", and then to "one month of extended exemption"... American steel and aluminum products importers and foreign suppliers are uneasy because they can not determine the production plan, and European and North American trade partners are increasingly grieving.

The sanction to Russia aluminum may suspend
Apr 25,2018

United States announced to consider easing sanctions against the world's second largest Aluminum Inc, Russia aluminum