British media: EU vows to refuse to yield to the US steel and aluminum tariff "blackmail"

The United States and Europe are ready to fight a fierce trade war after US President Trump provides only one month of steel and aluminum exemption to allies: the US government asks the European Union to make concessions and the European Union vows not to yield to American blackmail.

According to the British Financial Times website in May 1st, Trump decided to give the second 30 Tian steel tariff exemption period in the EU, Canada and Mexico, which was supposed to take effect on the 1 day. The move failed to resolve tensions on both sides of the the Atlantic Strait, and the two sides argued over how to make temporary exemption a permanent exemption.

After Trump decided to postpone tariffs on European allies, France, Germany and the European Commission further appealed to the White House for permanent exemption from the tariff, the report said. The EU also warned that it would not "negotiate under threat".

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