The United States government's steel and aluminum tariffs do not accept the White House.

The decision of the US government to impose high tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum products has been repeated since the beginning of March, from "coming into force in March 23rd" to "the extension of some economies to May 1st", and then to "one month of extended exemption"... American steel and aluminum products importers and foreign suppliers are uneasy because they can not determine the production plan, and European and North American trade partners are increasingly grieving.

The White House announced late April 30th that the temporary exemption of steel and aluminum tariffs for the European Union, Canada and Mexico was extended for 30 days, and the tax effective day was postponed from May 1st to June 1st. As for what to do later, the United States did not explain.

The Associated Press said the White House decided to extend the "temporary exemption" instead of giving "permanent exemption" to increase the uncertainty of the prospects of related industries in the US and abroad.

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