The United States will extend the exemption period for steel and aluminum tariffs on the European Union and other countries.

The United States will extend the time limit for steel and aluminum tariff exemption for the EU, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, Brazil and other economies, and will continue to strive for time for the related negotiations.

US President Trump announced in March 8th that as imports of steel and aluminum jeopardize the "national security" of the United States, the United States will impose a tariff of 25% and 10% on imported steel and aluminum products, and the tariff measures are formally entered into force in March 23rd.

In March 22nd, the White House agreed to temporarily exempt steel and aluminum tariffs on EU, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, South Korea and other economies until May 1st, in order to negotiate with these economies to deal with the global overcapacity of steel and aluminum.

According to the presidential announcement issued by the White House in April 30th, in view of the Trump administration's progress in negotiations with these economies over the past month, the United States has decided to divide the steel and aluminum tariffs on the economies of the afore-mentioned economies into three categories.

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