The facts to change the global aluminum ingot trade

SMM analysis: Russia aluminum is subject to sanctions, the middle business cost is rising. the global aluminum ingot trade situation is changing.

SMM April 12th news: with the continuous fermentation of Russia and aluminum sanctions, SMM believes that the event will increase the cost of Global trade and change the global trade pattern of aluminum ingot, and the Russian and European terminal consumers will be affected by the change of trade costs. On the one hand, Russian aluminum may export aluminum ingot to China, East Asia and other places. The way Russian Aluminum flows into China can be imported through conventional imports and depend on RMB settlement, but it needs to refer to the settlement of aluminum price in China, thereby sacrificing some profit. On the other hand, if the ratio of Shanghai aluminum aluminum is low, the export window of aluminum ingot in China may open, aluminum The export of products will also increase.

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