The sanction to Russia aluminum may suspend

United States announced to consider easing sanctions against the world's second largest Aluminum Inc, Russia aluminum

Considering that domestic companies, allies and partners are also likely to suffer losses due to a rise inaluminum prices, the United States announced Monday to consider easing sanctions against the world's second largest Aluminum Inc, Russia and aluminum, and the international price of aluminum fell by more than 10%. Because of the latest US sanctions against Russia, the international aluminum price broke a new high of nearly seven years last Friday.

In a guide issued on Monday, the US Treasury said, for the Russian Aluminum Corporation, "the way the United States alleviated its sanctions was Ou Baijia (Oleg Deripaska) stripping and giving up control."

At the same time, a new general license was issued to extend the time for local enterprises to continue trading with Rusal until October 23rd.

The U. S. Treasury said that Russia was affected by the U. S. sanctions on relations with Europe, but the US government did not focus on those who relied on the Russian Aluminum and its subsidiaries; Al - Al had asked the United States to apply for the lifting of sanctions, considering the impact on our partners and allies. The application of the Russian Aluminum Company will also issue a general license to extend the transaction date with the Russian Aluminum Company to October 23rd.

In a separate statement, US Treasury Secretary, Mr u chin, said the United States is considering the request made by Rusal to remove it from the sanctions list.

Under the influence of the news, London LME three months of aluminum within half an hour over $200, lost 2400 dollars and 2300 US $2300 two key juncture, the lowest drop of 2237 dollars / tons, nearly 9.6%, nearly 13 years of the biggest one-day decline, compared with the last Friday high of 2718 US dollars / tons down 16%.

Rusal surged nearly 13% on the Moscow exchange in early trading on Monday, and its US biggest rival, Alcoa's early trading, was down 11%.

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